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Old Spunkers – Live Cam Pompombaby agreed to have sex with Brother In Law is very I’m Flabbergasted


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It was early and I chose the one on the top floor off in a corner sort of isolated . ”

“Ha, ha, ha and what would that be?” he laughed out as he slunk back on his elbows and pointed his long tanned legs out beside mine and then added, “Sucking on my cock no doubt!”

It stunned me that he said that, because that is exactly what I had dreamed a couple of times
Old Spunkers - Live Cam Pompombaby agreed to have sex with Brother In Law is very I'm Flabbergasted 1

Publico Old Spunkers – Live Cam Pompombaby agreed to have sex with Brother In Law is very I’m Flabbergasted

It was pretty thick and she was sore from last nights fucking, writhing and whimpering as he crammed it in nice and tight, her lips closed around it and all you could see left of it was a little wire about an inch long hanging out between her lips, he then locked the chastity belt and helped Kelli stand up, Kelli wiggled and moaned, struggling to still cum, but without the vibration the feeling quickly died away leaving her aching for release! “What the hell?! Why did it stop?” She groaned looking up at her dad with pleading eyes .

Old Spunkers - Live Cam Pompombaby agreed to have sex with Brother In Law is very I'm Flabbergasted 2

Amateurs Old Spunkers – Live Cam Pompombaby agreed to have sex with Brother In Law is very I’m Flabbergasted Pussy Licking

today my mom and dad were going on a vacation and wouldnt be back till the first saturday of next month so me and my hot brother was going to be alone my brother has always been hot to me it weird but her was sexy he had long hair and he always
wore shorts as i went down stairs that morning my brother was already awake cooking and i grabed a class of juice and i found a note and i
said ” hey mark mom and dad left a note” he dried his hands and walked over and he was very stunning he wasnt wearing a shirt and he stole
the note and read it out loud it read ” dont do anything me and your dad wouldnt do” so we put down the note and i went upstairs to take a
shower when i got into the bathroom i undressed and then got in and i was thinking about stuff me and my brother could do while mom and dad
were away and when i did all my thoughs where about fucking him and blowing him and i reached down and started rubing my clit and up and down
my slit and then i felt eyes on me and we had a see through shower curtin and i was him i looked at him and he stood the looking stunned at
the sight of me naked and i looked down and saw he was hard i said ” your hard brother” and he looked embaressed so i said ” come here ” he
did what he was told ” drop the shorts” he obeyed i then saw he was hug and i asked him how and he showed me dads growing pills and i said
” ok ” i took my hand had jerked him off he love it i could tell he was geting harder and arder so then i took him all the way and then pulled
out and spat on his head and took it in again moveing it arounfd in side and i started bobbing up and down his huge shaft and then with out warning he
came i kept on sucking him and then he said ” turn around” i did as he said he then put his cock on the entrance of my pussy and siad here i come i braced my self on the sink
as he started to fuck me hard and deep ” harder harder ohh mark mark mark fuck em deep” i said i was indeed happy as he fuxck me hard
“oohhh FUCK FUCK FUCK and i moved my hips so he could go fast and then he came but he still fuck me and then i pulled him out and took him all the way in with my mouth
sucked and boobeed and then i said ” my pussy needs to be worshiped ” he took me and laid me down and then satrted to kiss me all the way down and then i felt it
the fliched my clit with his toung and he fuck me with it i moaned nad yelled ” fuck me fuck me and he did fully and harder then before and
the i had a very great and long oragasim “ohhFUCK OHH FUCK HELL YEAH FUCK THAT PUSSY” and i buckeled under him and it was great i gave him a blowjob
until he cummed in me 4 times and said ” that was great mark where in the hell did you learn that” he siad ” ive been practiceing with mom the next day my brother and me went to the pool and we talk about stuff like where we would go later and well i got so wet and i looked at my brother and giggled and took my cloths off an went over to him and let him suck my nipples until he got hard once he did since i loved to give bjobs i sucked his dick all the way first and then blobbed up and down his long shaft as i played with his ball then i took him out and suck his balls in and played around and then crawled on top of him and sat down on his long cock and hoped up and down on it and i right way started to moan and i said ” FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER HARDER DEEPER ” he did with out question i let go and jumped into the water and he followed and then i got to the edge of the pool na dhe fucked me in the ass and ohh boy god it felt good i instantly yelled and moaned ” HELL YEAH BABY FUCK MY ASS HARD AND DEEP ” omygod he let let out one of the longest cummings in me ever and then ” he let out and fuck my pussy monster like i mean so hard i was bleeeding but i felt so good and i yelled ” FUCK ME FUCK ME OH MY GOD FUCK ME ” then we heard the door and it was the girl next door and she walked over and took off he cloths and then got behind me and lick me pussy while he fucked me then i had a hell of aorgasim and the girl said ” my turn ” he kneeled in front of im and he fucked her and we then both suck on him for like 10 mins and said ” god that was so FUCKING GOOD ” at the same time and then the girl said ” me and you shrey ” i siad happily”of course she went and go a strap on he had and then gave it to me i put it on an d it was a double edge so we both go it and while i was fucking her ass she suck my brother when we got through it was time to sleep me and my brother couldn't sleep and i told him i was going to suck him all night long so i did i took all of him in and moved it on a circle around my mouth and he started to moan so i was great i took it he must have cumed at least five time before i let him fuck me again it was great i was bleeding again witch i didnt fucking care it felt so fucking good i screamed ” OH GOD FUCK FUCK FUCK ME HARDER AND GASTER AND DEEPER THEN EVER BEFORE OHHHHHHHHH GOD MARK MARK MARK FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME “he pulled out and said where did u lean to give that good of a blowjob i said i practice on dad every night before bed

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Duration: 5 minChannel: Old SpunkersCountry: USA

Date: October 11, 2021