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Corbin will be in shortly!!!” The nurse pointed to a straight back chair in the corner of the examination room, and before Nicole could even respond, she turned heal and left her standing alone while waiting for the doctor to show up!!! Unbelievably, Nicole actually fell asleep while waiting for the doctor, and when she heard his deep baritone voice, she jerked herself awake while asking, “Am I pregnant, tell me right away, don’t make me wait another minute!?!” “And I’m fine too,” Dr Caribbeancom – In the. Corbin’s personal nurse had come into the room, and as soon as Nicole was ready, she had her hop up onto the examination table and place her ankles in the ice cold stirrups!!!

“So,” Nurse Watkins said while looking over Nicole’s chart, “we got some good news today, am I right!?!” “Oh yes,” Nicole gushed, “this will be our first and were so happy!!!” “Good,” the nurse replied gently, “now since this is your first pregnancy we want to go over a few things, okay!?!” “Sure,” Nicole replied, “go ahead!!! “First of all,” Nurse Watkins offered while pushing the paper gown up above Nicole’s waist, “you want to make sure that you massage your tummy every day with baby oil, it will prevent stretch marks and keep your skin nice a smooth, and just to make sure you know how it’s done I’ll demonstrate it for you!!!” Nicole lay there quietly while Nurse Watkins squirted a generous amount of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle touch began rubbing it all over her slightly paunchy belly!!! “How’s that,” she asked softly, “I’m not hurting you am I!?!” “Oh no,” Nicole sighed, “it actually feels very nice, you have soft hands!!!” For the next five minutes or so the nurse ran her hands all over Nicole’s belly, and then without warning, she moved higher on her body and began massaging the oil into her large firm chest!!!

“W-what are you doing,” Nicole gasped!?! “I’m doing your breasts,” she replied evenly, “you don’t want stretch marks ruining the appearance of your lovely breasts do you, after all, you husband must like them just like they are, isn’t that true!?!” “Y-yesssss,” she hissed as the nurse gently pinched her nipples, “h-he loves them, he likes big boobs!!!” “Does he suck them for you,” she asked in barely a whisper, “they seem quite responsive to my touch!?!” “H-he sucks them every night,” she gasped, “I nurse him just like a baby!!!” “I’m sure that when you’re full of milk that he’ll want you to feed him just like your baby,” Nurse Watkins added a matter of factly!!! “D-do you think I’ll have enough mile for both of them,” she moaned, “I want to make sure that the baby has enough to drink!?!” “Oh, don’t worry about that,” the nurse replied quickly, “your chest is plenty large enough to feed both your hubby and baby with enough left over to feed three more!!!” The nurse continued pulling an tugging on Nicole’s nipples, until she asked gently, “Is your vagina damp, my dear, you seem to be very excited!?!” “God, I’m simply dripping,” she moaned, “my pussy is on fire!!!”

Nurse Watkins now directed her attention to Nicole’s wet vagina, and after a moments indecision offered, “You know of course that you will be given monthly exams by Dr
Scooby Doo Redhead Velma takes a pounding (9 min) 1

Free Amatuer Scooby Doo Redhead Velma takes a pounding (9 min)

Burnett led him to the front door, which recognized her, and she entered,

He felt something bubbling inside himself, anger, or fervor? He wasn’t sure, but whatever it was, being pinned and used as her human sex toy fired him up….

Scooby Doo Redhead Velma takes a pounding (9 min) 2

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He turns me over as though I’m as light as a doll, and pushes me down into the bed, so my behind sticks into the air in front of his face,
He puts a hand over my mouth and tells me I can moan as loud as I like at his place, but it would be rude to disturb people here

Duration: 9 minCountry: United Kingdom

Date: November 14, 2021