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. I felt shivers through my spine when I felt her long fingers working their way through my neck,back and finnaly reached my Butt
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First of all let me introduce myself I'm mark 35 years old just a normal guy this incident happened 2 years ago, my wife Susie and i travelled to the south of Spain to visit her mother and father who now live and work there, also there was my wife's younger sister Katie she had just turned seventeen she's about 5'3 slim figured with raven black hair and an ass to die for I know your not meant to look at your wife's younger sister like that but I'm an ass man and its just perfect as much as you could guess at by looking at her in a bikini by the pool, As always when you visit family there's always an element of disruption and on this occasion we were told to stay in Katie's room and she would sleep in the single bedroom which was ok with everybody .

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I hardly noticed anything on the way home and even when I got home everything was a blur, all I could think was “Kara, Roman gets there and re-acts much the same a Joe did

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Date: October 13, 2021