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Getting closer, I smelled marijuana and its all too potent aromas Dylan Snow doing.

“Okay, now, I want you to get on all fours, slave” and she did
[Young Courtesans] Ivan Amor doing Masturbation Performance with Rose Red is very Orgasms Inside School 1

Groping [Young Courtesans] Ivan Amor doing Masturbation Performance with Rose Red is very Orgasms Inside School

A fair bit

This little story had quite the effect I was supporting a raging hard on by the time they finished their account cinnamon then turned towards me and said sir will you follow me

She stood and once I did held onto my hand and walked me to yet a different room this one was very subdued lighting as before but only had a bench in the middle She removed all her clothing and while looking me straight in the eye bent over the bench and said I have been a bad girl I walked up and started to trace my hands over her body along her back her shoulders her arms that I move behind her and did the same with her legs when I dipped her finger to her pussy it was soaked I shifted To the side Drew back my hand and gave a wallop to one cheek she jumped and then squeaked thank you sir so I gave another one to the other cheek then I started to slowly rub her ass every couple of circles I would pull back and give another blow I kept this up for a little while and then I dip my fingers and found moisture running halfway down to her knees without any further ado I pull down my boxers lined my throbbing cock to her dripping slit to sink deep in her pussy with my first thrust And then I just grabbed her hips and rutted like a mongrel dog she just kept mewing fuck me fuck me fuck me and I had every intention of obliging I grabbed her hips hard with one hand and I placed a thumb on her asshole with the other as soon as my thumb was fully embedded she came with a splash my crotch was completely soaked she was squirting and moaning and I never stopped fucking once I announced I was getting close she collapsed onto her knees and immediately took my cock as deep in her throat as she could I grabbed her head and continued to pump just holding her nose right to the root coming directly down her throat making her snort and gag a little she Then pulled me out and proceeded to lick me clean And helped to pull up my boxers before standing and collecting a cloth from Some where to wipe her self off

We then return to the main room where we found a new young girl waiting in the place of pepper Her name oddly enough was Cayenne She had a very pretty face with wide eyes and a large pair of glasses she was a little plump overall but a very nice appearance We conversed a little and then with her eyes down she said pepper told me you have a very thick, Ginger in her 34DD top and a bootie to match and a smaller waist was all the more impressive with her 4’10” height this little cherub was walking sexuality ,we met outside The library at 10pm and proceeded to the back to a room with the clothing donations with her help I start looking through it for pieces for the studio she holds up a few at first and after a bit of cajoling I get her to try on a few things to which she complied readily getting flirtier and flirtier as the outfits became skimpier and skimpier then started asking for help with her outfit and kept teasing me she proceeds to rub her silk covered body against me till i can’t help myself and almost cum in my pants she giggles and turns around wiggling her little ass Just as I’m ready to strip and give her the fucking she deserves we hear noise of somebody else coming in We both scurry to hide in the only place we can a tight little broom closet As we watched one by one the staff most of whom I flirted with and a few other women came in striped and put on lingerie and silk pajamas over top One of the last was a little blonde girl she Stripped naked and proceeded to stuff a pair of panties in her pussy, Ginger Who is behind me in this closet proceeds to slowly stroke my shaft and hump her crotch on my leg As we watch her try on a few outfits till she settles on something racy and Lacey before covering it up with silk pajamas Ginger sneaks out After the last woman as I compose myself waiting to see what happens By the time I’m wondering if the jig is up Ginger slipped back into the room To tell me she knows what’s going on I’ve heard about this But never dare go on my own It’s an unsanctioned cuddle party and we are going to crash it she then instruct me to put on a pair of silk boxers she had hidden in her hand and walked me out to the main reading area with fireplace arm chairs and books it’s a large room with seating for 20 and there are additional cushions I have never seen before most of the chairs were occupied by men in boxers and most of these had women on the cushions in front of them Others had these women in their laps and for the most part we’re just cuddling them Maybe stroking a breast or thigh but everybody was covered , one of these men approached me as he shook my hand I recognized him as another on the library board….

[Young Courtesans] Ivan Amor doing Masturbation Performance with Rose Red is very Orgasms Inside School 2

Gay Anal [Young Courtesans] Ivan Amor doing Masturbation Performance with Rose Red is very Orgasms Inside School Step Mom

Most of it, Click here. When his hand comes back he is grasping what appears to be a dog leash

Duration: 7 minAmatuer Channel: Bbykinsandi – – Country: USA

Date: November 13, 2021